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Size Charts

Each designer uses a unique size chart for their lines. We can measure you in store or you can follow the measuring guide that we have attached. If you have any questions about selecting your size, let us know, and we will be happy to help.

Things to Consider
  • Where does the dress fit you? (Ex- Ballgowns are not fitted around the hip. Corset gowns are not necessarily fitted around the bust.)

  • If you are between sizes, ALWAYS size up.

  • Most dresses will require a hem or for straps to be taken up, so disregard height measurements.

  • If you are not completely confident in measurements you take on your own, consult with us before making any purchases.

Alyce Paris
Amelia Couture
Amelia Couture.png
Dave & Johnny
Fernando Wong
Fernando Wong.jpg
Jessica Angel
Jessica Angel.png
Rachel Allan
Rachel Allan.png
Alisha Hill
Sherri Hill.png
Sydney's Closet
Tease Prom
Ashley Lauren
Ashley Lauren PNG.png
Johnathan Kayne
Screenshot_2020-04-15 Size Chart - Johna
Colors Dress
Colors & Marsoni.png
Poly USA
Mac Duggal
Screenshot_2020-04-15 POLY USA - Size Ch
Screenshot_2020-04-15 Mac Duggal Dress a
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